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This is a tool that will measure the frequency of your golf club in cpm.  Very easy to use.   Golf club makers have been using frequency machines for many years, why not you.  Machine can be mounted to a bench or just sitting on top.  Very stable.  Works with a 9 volt battery (included) so you can take this anywhere.  To measure the frequency of your club you will only need one thing, A Club.

We recommend that you use the club head that you are mounting on the shaft to read the frequency.  Don't use a 3 iron head to read the frequency of a SW shaft.  Head weight differs from head to head.  Also we recommend that you use a shaft that does not have a grip installed.  You can read the frequency of a shaft with the grip on but it will give you a lower number about 6-9 cpm.

View a demo of the Master Matcher.
View Demo

28" long x 4" wide x 15" tall at clamp

Instructions on use and frequency chart are included.



Pictures not to scale





Machine with club


Fast action clamp


Adjustable photo eyes



Start and memory buttons


Shaft frequency chart





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